Robotic Esophageal Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad

Best Robotic Esophageal Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Robotic Esophageal Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad

Best Robotic Colon Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Getting diagnosed with esophageal cancer can be hard to deal with. Yet, having a knowledgeable doctor can significantly help. Dr. Harsh Shah provides one of the best robotic esophageal cancer surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and across India. 15+ years of experience in treating esophageal cancer and many years of expertise in robotic surgery. With Dr. Shah, you're in good hands to get the best treatments available.

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Dr. Harsh Shah - Best Robotic Cancer Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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Dr. Harsh Shah

Management of Esophageal cancer involves proper diagnosis & early treatment

Diagnosis is performed with CT scan, PET-CT scan, UGIE & biopsy.

The treatment usually involves neo-adjuvant chemoradiation followed by surgery.

Dr. Harsh Shah - Best Robotic Cancer Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

What is esophageal cancer?

Esophageal cancer is when bad cells grow in the esophagus, the tube that carries food and drinks from your mouth to your stomach. This tube is important for transferring the food. If these cells keep growing without stopping, they can form a lump called a tumor in the esophagus. If it’s not treated early, the cancer can move to other areas close by and even to different parts of your body.

There are two types of esophagus cancer:

Squamous Cell Carcinoma: This kind starts in the cells that line the inside of the esophagus, in its upper 2/3rd.
Adenocarcinoma: This type begins in the special cells in the lower part of the esophagus that make mucus and other fluids.

What is Esophageal cancer and Treatment options for It? In Gujarati

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My patient underwent a cancer operation. We were very apprehensive at first. But now after 15 days of treatment we are very happy. He is one of the best Gastro Oncosurgeon in Ahmedabad.
Shilesh Jadav
Wonderful experience with Dr harsh shah.He is best Robotic surgeon in Ahmedabad. The services that I recieve from Dr harsh sir is excellent .It's rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for patient. Thank you so much sir.we are very happy.
Nitul Kothari
Very professional and polite handling of patients along with their family members.. clearing of each and every doubt any minute of the day… Highly skilled in bringing the patient back on feet in just a couple of days
Alisha Tobwala

Robotic Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad

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Esophagus cancer

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Key Benefits of Robotic Surgery for Esophageal Cancer

Best cancer treatment with robotic surgery in Ahmedabad
Best cancer treatment with robotic surgery in Ahmedabad

An audio interview of Dr Harsh Shah with Akashwani on the topic of Robotic Surgery.

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An audio interview of Dr Harsh Shah with Akashwani on the topic of Robotic Surgery.

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Why Robotic Esophageal Cancer Surgery is the best choice for you or your loved ones?

Here's a table
Comparing different types of surgeries for esophageal cancer, including robotic surgery, along with their benefits:
Types of SurgeryDescriptionBenefits
Open SurgeryInvolves a large incision to remove the tumorAllows for direct access and removal of large tumors.
Laparoscopic SurgeryUses small incisions and a camera to guide the surgeryLess invasive, with smaller incisions and shorter
recovery times.
Robotic Surgery Keyhole surgeryLess Pain, Less hospital stay, Early recovery
Better View (3D, 10x, HD)Less blood Loss, Better nerve preservation
Flexible InstrumentsEnhances Precision, Enhances Accuracy, Early functional recovery

Types of Robotic Surgeries for Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Robotic surgeries have revolutionized the treatment of esophageal cancer by providing less invasive methods with improved results. The key robotic procedures for esophageal cancer include:



This type of esophageal cancer is commonly found in the lower esophagus. It typically starts in the cells of glands that secrete mucus in the lower part of the esophagus. Risk factors include gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and, more specifically, the condition known as Barrett’s esophagus, which affects the lower esophagus.


Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This cancer occurs in the upper and middle parts of the esophagus. It arises from the squamous cells that line the esophagus. This type of cancer is more commonly linked to smoking and alcohol consumption.


Early-stage Cancers

These are limited to the surface layers of the esophagus and have not penetrated deeper into the esophageal walls or spread to other organs. They are often treatable with less invasive methods such as endoscopic procedures.


Locally Advanced Cancers

These cancers have invaded deeper into the layers of the esophagus but have not spread beyond the esophageal area. Treatment often requires a combination of therapies, including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Robotic Surgery in India

In India, surgery with the help of robots has gotten much better and is now an important part of medical care. Dr. Swati Shah and Dr. Harsh Shah are few of the best surgeons in India, who use robots and have more than ten years of experience, and have played a big role in this improvement. Their great skills and new ideas have helped make robot surgeries in India more precise and better for patients.

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