Robotic Colon Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad

Best Robotic Colon Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Best Robotic Colon Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad

Best Robotic Colon Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Colon cancer is a significant health issue that needs the attention of an experienced and highly skilled surgeon. In Ahmedabad, Dr. Harsh Shah is recognized as one of the best robotic colon cancer surgeons, offering treatment options for robotic colon cancer surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. With more than 15+ years of experience in treating colon cancer and many years of expertise in robotic surgery. Dr. Shah's expertise and numerous success stories have won him high praise from both patients and doctors, positioning him as one of the most preferred specialists and surgeons for colon cancer in India.

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Dr. Harsh Shah - Best Robotic Cancer Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dr. Harsh Shah



Dr. Harsh Shah

Management of Colon cancer involves proper diagnosis & early treatment
Diagnosis is performed with CT scan, colonoscopy, biopsy & CEA

The treatment involves surgery & post-operative chemotherapy, depending on the extent of the disease.

Dr. Harsh Shah - Best Robotic Cancer Surgeon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

What is colon cancer?

Colon cancer starts in the large intestine (colon), the last part of your digestive system. The most common type is adenocarcinomas, but there are less common types like lymphomas and sarcomas. It can be caused by genes or lifestyle choices like what you eat, being overweight, and smoking. Signs of colon cancer often involve changes in how often you go to the bathroom, blood in your stool, constant belly pain, and losing weight without trying. Finding it early is key to treating it successfully.
Colon cancer can appear in different parts of the colon, including the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, and rectum. The specific location of the cancer is important in deciding on treatment options and predicting the outlook.
Locations of colon cancer

Success Stories

Happy Patients

Dr harsh shah is compassionate and confident. He creates trust in patient. I am fortunate to be treated by him. He is a ray of hope. Apollo and it’s patient are lucky to have such a good surgeon .Dr harsh shah is best intestinal cancer specialist doctor. Thank you so much sir.
Munir Momin
I had a colon cancer. I was operated by Dr Harsh Shah. Now I am fine. I would like to thank Dr Harsh Shah & entire Apollo family for my treatment. 🙏
Vipulkumar Bhoi
We came from Rajasthan and were looking for best colorectal Surgeon in Ahmedabad. We met Dr Harsh and were impressed with his attitude. Robotic surgery was done and we went back home in few days. Thanks to Dr Harsh..
Rajat Aggarwal

Robotic Cancer Surgery in Ahmedabad

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Colon cancer

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Key Benefits of Robotic Surgery for Colon Cancer

Best cancer treatment with robotic surgery in Ahmedabad
Best cancer treatment with robotic surgery in Ahmedabad

An audio interview of Dr Harsh Shah with Akashwani on the topic of Robotic Surgery.

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An audio interview of Dr Harsh Shah with Akashwani on the topic of Robotic Surgery.

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Why Robotic Colon Cancer Surgery is the best choice for you or your loved ones?

Here's a table
Comparing different types of surgeries for colon cancer, including robotic surgery, along with their benefits:
Types of SurgeryDescriptionBenefits
Open SurgeryInvolves a large incision to remove the tumorAllows for direct access and removal of large tumors.
Laparoscopic SurgeryUses small incisions and a camera to guide the surgeryLess invasive, with smaller incisions and shorter
recovery times.
Robotic Surgery Keyhole surgeryLess Pain, Less hospital stay, Early recovery
Better View (3D, 10x, HD)Less blood Loss, Better nerve preservation
Flexible InstrumentsEnhances Precision, Enhances Accuracy, Early functional recovery

Types of Robotic Surgeries for Colon Cancer Treatment

Robotic surgeries have revolutionized the treatment of colon cancer by providing less invasive methods with improved results. The key robotic procedures for colon cancer include:


Robotic-Assisted Colectomy

This technique involves using robotic arms and tools to remove the affected section of the colon e.g. right hemicolectomy, left hemicolectomy, sigmoid colectomy etc.. It offers best accuracy, smaller cuts, and faster healing times.


Robotic Total Colectomy

This operation removes the entire colon using robotic assistance, ideal for widespread colon cancer or some genetic conditions.


Robotic Proctectomy

This involves taking out the rectum and nearby lymph nodes, with robotics providing better manoeuvrability and precision in the tight space of the pelvis.


Robotic Lymph Node Dissection

This is the careful removal and analysis of lymph nodes to check for cancer spread, with robotics ensuring a more precise and comprehensive dissection.

Robotic Surgery in India

In India, robotic surgery has improved a lot and has become a key part of healthcare. Dr. Swati Shah and Dr. Harsh Shah are among India's best robotic surgeons, with over ten years of experience. Their excellent skills and innovative approaches have made robotic surgeries in India more accurate and beneficial for patients.

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